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The Twelfth International World Wide Web Conference 
20-24 May 2003, Budapest, HUNGARY 

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WWW2003 Preliminary Conference Programme

Detailed Programme

Wednesday, 21 May 2003
Thursday, 22 May 2003
Friday, 23 May 2003

Wednesday, 21 May 2003
09.00 - 10.30

Opening Ceremony

Plenary Presentation

11.00 - 12.30 W3C-1 Leading the Web to its Full Potential
  • Introduction and W3C's Process
    Steve Bratt
  • High-Level Overview of W3C Technologies
    Ivan Herman
  • W3C Patent Policy
    Daniel J. Weitzner
SD-1 Information Retrieval 1
  • Query-Free News Search [707]
    Monika Henzinger, Bay-Wei Chang, Brian Milch, Sergey Brin
  • Improving Pseudo-Relevance Feedback in Web Information Retrieval Using Web Page Segmentation [300]
    Shipeng Yu, Deng Cai, Ji-Rong Wen, Wei-Ying Ma
  • Predictive Caching and Prefetching of Query Results in Search Engines [17]
    Ronny Lempel, Shlomo Moran
SW-1 Foundations of the Semantic Web
  • Model-theoretic Semantics for the Web [277]
    James Farrugia
  • Three Theses of Representation in the Semantic Web [50]
    Ian Horrocks, Peter F. Patel-Schneider
  • Description Logic Programs: Combining Logic Programs with Description Logic [117]
    Benjamin N. Grosof, Ian Horrocks, Raphael Volz, Stefan Decker
MW-1 Mobility & Wireless Access
  • Dynamic Service Reconfiguration for Wireless Web Access [242]
    Siu-Nam Chuang, Alvin T.S. Chan, Ronnie Cheung, Jiannong Cao
  • Web Browsing Performance of Wireless Thin-Client Computing [741]
    S. Jae Yang, Jason Nieh, Shilpa Krishnappa, Aparna Mohla, Mahdi Sajjadpour
  • Sensor-enhanced Mobile Web Clients: an XForms Approach [643]
    John Barton, Tim Kindberg, Hui Dai, HP Labs, Bodhi Priyantha, Fahd Al-bin-ali
WS-1 Collaboration, Composition, and Workflow
  • Acceleration of Web Service Workflow Execution through Edge Computing [172]
    Junichi Tatemura, Wang-Pin Hsiung, Wen-Syan Li
  • Service Chart Diagrams - Description & Application [43]
    Z. Maamar, B. Benatallah, and W. Mansoor
  • Service-Oriented Composition in BPEL4WS [768]
    Rania Khalaf, Nirmal Mukhi, Sanjiva Weerawarana
GC-1 Is the Web Globally Inclusive?
  • The Failure of The European IT Standards Strategy [552]
    Greg FitzPatrick
  • The Web of People: A dual view on the WWW [379]
    Michel Plu, Pascal Bellec, Layda Agosto, Walter Van De Velde
  • From Individuals to the Global Community: the Hidden Contradiction of the Cultural History of Classification and the latest browsing technologies [875]
    László Z.Karvalics
PN-1 Panel 1

Device Independence for GUI, Voice and Multimodal Applications: Is it Possible?


  • Debbie Dahl, W3C
  • Stephane Boyera, W3C


  • Dave Raggett, Canon
  • Max Froumentin, W3C
  • Roland Merrick, IBM
14.00 - 15.30 W3C-2 The Future Web Browser
  • XHTML 2.0 and XForms
    Steven Pemberton
  • CSS 3
    Bert Bos
  • Applications of SVG
    Dean Jackson
  • Pulling it All Together
    Chris Lilley
SD-2 Information Retrieval 2
  • Text Joins in an RDBMS for Web Data Integration [627]
    Luis Gravano, Panagiotis G. Ipeirotis, Nick Koudas, Divesh Srivastava
  • Dynamic Maintenance of Web Indexes Using Landmarks [656]
    Lipyeow Lim, Min Wang, Sriram Padmanabhan, Jeffrey Scott Vitter, Ramesh Agarwal
  • High-Performance Spatial Indexing for Location-Based Services [612]
    Jussi Myllymaki, James Kaufman
PR-1 Provisioning
  • Efficient and Robust Streaming Provisioning in VPNs [23]
    Zhuoqing Morley Mao, David Johnson, Oliver Spatscheck, Jacobus Van der Merwe, Jia Wang
  • On Admission Control for Profit Maximization of Network Service Providers [237]
    Akshat Verma, Sugata Ghosal
  • Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Client Characterization Driven Web Server [527]
    Balachander Krishnamurthy, Craig E. Wills, Yin Zhang, Kashi Vishwanath
SE-1 Data Integrity
  • Web Application Security Assessment by Fault Injection and Behavior Monitoring [81]
    Yao-Wen Huang, Shih-Kun Huang, Tsung-Po Lin, Chung-Hung Tsai
  • The HP Time Vault Service: Innovating the Way Confidential Information is Disclosed on the Web, at the Right Time  [20]
    Marco Casassa Mont, Keith Harrison, Martin Sadler
  • Content Extraction Signatures using XML Digital Signatures and Custom Transforms On-Demand [838]
    Laurence Bull, Peter Stanski, David Squire
WS-2 Web Services Management
  • TSpaces Services Suite: Automating the Development and Management of Web Services [525]
    Marcus Fontoura, Toby Lehnman, Dwayne Nelson, Thomas Truong, Yuhong Xiong
  • WTM: A Traffic Monitoring Framework for Web Service Transactions [632]
    Jinsong Ouyang, Wenjing Chu, Praveen Savur
  • WS-Membership - Failure Management in a Web-Services World [712]
    Werner Vogels, Chris Re
GC-2 The Web from a Galactic Perspective
  • Acting Accessibility: Scenario-based consideration of Web content accessibility for development and publishing communities [306]
    Liddy Nevile, Oliver Burmeister
  • Why accessibility is handled the way it is [invited]
    Jutta Treviranus
  • How do search engines handle non-English queries? - A case study [415]
    Judit Bar-Ilan, Tatyana Gutman
PN-2 Panel 2

The Semantic Web: Scientific American article considered harmful?


  • Lynda Hardman CWI, The Netherlands & University of Eindhoven


  • Jim Hendler, University of Maryland, USA
  • Amit Sheth, University of Georgia, USA
  • Ramanathan Guha, (Affiliation to be confirmed)
  • Nigel Shadbolt, University of Southampton, UK
  • Jane Hunter, DSTC, Australia
16.00 - 17.30 W3C-3 W3C's Architecture and Development Principles
  • Quality Assurance Goals
    Daniel Dardailler
  • Outreach Resources and Tools for a better Web
    Dominique Hazael-Massieux
  • Community-driven tools developement for a better Web
    Olivier Théreaux
  • Technical Architecture Group scope
    Tim Berners-Lee and TAG Members
SW-2 Establishing the Semantic Web I
  • SemTag and Seeker: Bootstrapping the semantic web via automated semantic annotation [831]
    Stephen Dill, Nadav Eiron, David Gibson, Daniel Gruhl, Ramanathan Guha, Anant Jhingran, Tapas Kanungo, Sridhar Rajagopalan, Andrew Tomkins, John Tomlin, Jason Zien
  • Data Extraction and Label Assignment for Web Databases [470]
    Jiying Wang, Fred H. Lochovsky
  • The Chatty Web: Emergent Semantics Through Gossiping [471]
    Karl Aberer, Philippe Cudre-Mauroux, Manfred Hauswirth
BU-1 Adapting Content to Mobile Devices
  • DOM-based Content Extraction of HTML Documents [583]
    Suhit Gupta, Gail Kaiser, David Neistadt, Peter Grimm
  • Fractal Summarization for Mobile Device to Access Large Documents on the Web [681]
    Christopher C. Yang, Fu Lee Wang
  • Detecting Web Page Structure for Adaptive Viewing on Small Form Factor Devices [297]
    Yu Chen, Wei-Ying Ma, Hong-Jiang Zhang
HM-1 Writing the Web
  • Supporting Management Reporting: A Writable Web Case Study [476]
    Tim Miles-Board, Leslie Carr, Simon Kampa, Wendy Hall
  • Scholarly Publishing and Argument in Hyperspace [137]
    V.S.Uren, J.B.Domingue, Gangmin Li, S.Buckingham Shum, E.Motta
  • Mining Topic-Specific Concepts and Definitions on the Web [646]
    Bing Liu, Chee Wee Chin, Hwee Tou Ng
ED-1 Exchange of Learning Objects
  • A LOM Research Agenda [659]
    Erik Duval, Wayne Hodgins
  • Elena: A Mediation Infrastructure for Educational Services [616]
    Bernd Simon, Zoltan Miklos, Wolfgang Nejdl, Michael Sintek, Joaquin Salvachua
  • Web-based Trading of Rights-Enabled Learning Objects [312]
    Renato Iannella
GC-3 Panel: The Global Web - are diversity and inclusivity in balance?
PN-3 Panel 3

Web Accessibility: Will WCAG 2.0 Better Meet Today's Challenges?


  • Brian Kelly, UKOLN, UK


  • Jenny Craven, CERLIM, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
  • Judy Brewer, W3C
  • Wendy Chisholm, W3C
Thursday, 22 May 2003
09.00 - 10.30 W3C-4 Five Years and Growing: The XML Family
  • XML Core specifications
    Michael Sperberg McQueen
  • XQuery and XPath
    Liam Quin
  • DOM Level 3
    Philippe Le Hégaret
  • XML Security: XML Signature, XML Encryption, XKMS
    Ralph Swick
SD-3 Link-Based Ranking 1
  • Extrapolation Methods for Accelerating PageRank Computations [270]
    Sepandar D. Kamvar, Taher H. Haveliwala, Christopher D. Manning, Gene H. Golub
  • Scaling Personalized Web Search [185]
    Glen Jeh, Jennifer Widom
  • Adaptive On-Line Page Importance Computation [7]
    Serge Abiteboul, Mihai Preda, Gregory Cobena
AA-1 Applications and Architecture
  • SHOCK: Computational Messaging with Automatic Private Profiles [691]
    Rajan M. Lukose, Eytan Adar, Joshua R. Tyler, Caesar Sengupta
  • P2Cast: Peer-to-peer Patching Scheme for VoD Service [445]
    Yang Guo, Kyoungwon Suh, Jim Kurose, Don Towsley
  • DEW: DNS-Enhanced Web for Faster Content Delivery [428]
    Balachander Krishnamurthy, Richard Liston, Michael Rabinovich
EC-1 E-Commerce
  • A System for Principled Matchmaking in an Electronic Marketplace [601]
    Tommaso Di Noia, Eugenio Di Sciascio, Francesco M. Donini, Marina Mongiello
  • A Software Framework For Matchmaking Based on Semantic Web Technology [815]
    Lei Li, Ian Horrocks
  • SweetDeal: Representing Agent Contracts with Exceptions using XML Rules, Ontologies, and Process Descriptions [115]
    Benjamin N. Grosof, Terrence C. Poon
WS-3 Discovery and Semantics
  • Towards Personalized Selection of Web Services [725]
    Wolf-Tilo Balke, Matthias Wagner
  • Delivering Semantic Web Services [829]
    Massimo Paolucci, Katia Sycara, Takahiro Kawamura
ID-1 XML --- Standards and Applications
  • XML, Lessons Learned [invited]
    Tom Jell
  • Implementing XML Schema inside a relational database [284]
    Sandeepan Banerjee
  • XML techniques and legal demands in electronic bill presentation [invited]
    Andreas Kühne
PN-4 Panel 4

On Culture in a Worldwide Information Society


  • Alfredo Ronchi, Politecnico di Milano, Italy


  • Kim H. Veltman, Maastricht MacLuhan, Maastricht, The Netherlands
  • Ranjit Makkuni, Sacred World Foundation, New Deli – India
  • Susumu Sawai, Manager Gakujoken, Japan
  • Junii Matsumoto, Unesco
  • Georges Mihajes, Oslo Platform
  • Heiner Banking, expert
11.00 - 12.30 W3C-5 W3C Standards for Web Services
  • Web Services Architecture
    Hugo Haas
  • Web Services Description Language 1.2
    Philippe Le Hégaret
  • SOAP 1.2
    Yves Lafon
  • Internationalization and Web Services
    Martin Dürst
SD-4 Link-Based Ranking 2
  • A New Paradigm for Ranking Pages on the World Wide Web [42]
    John A. Tomlin
  • Adaptive Ranking of Web Pages [820]
    Ah Chung Tsoi, Gianni Morini, Franco Scarselli, Markus Hagenbuchner, Marco Maggini
  • Searching the Worksplace Web [641]
    Ronald Fagin, Ravi Kumar, Kevin S. McCurley, Jasmine Novak, D. Sivakumar, John Tomlin, David P. Williamson
MM-1 Multimedia
  • Peer-to-Peer Architecture for Content-Based Music Retrieval on Acoustic Data [281]
    Cheng Yang
  • Towards a Multimedia Formatting Vocabulary [383]
    Jacco van Ossenbruggen, Joost Geurts, Lynda Hardman, Lloyd Rutledge
  • Architecture of a Quality Based Intelligent Proxy (QBIX) for MPEG-4 Videos [365]
    Peter Schojer, Laszlo Böszörmenyi, Hermann Hellwagner, Bernhard Benz, Stefan Podlipnig
WE-1 Web Engineering
  • Conversation Specification: A New Approach to Design and Analysis of E-Service Composition [671]
    Jianwen Su, Richard Hull, Tevfik Bultan, Xiang Fu
  • Quality Driven Web Service Composition [358]
    Liangzhao Zeng, Boualem Benatallah, Marlon Dumas, Jayant Kalagnanam, Quan Z. Sheng
  • A Foundation for Tool Based Mobility Support for Visually Impaired Web Users [454]
    Yeliz Yesilada, Robert Stevens, Carole Goble
ED-2 Experience
  • Experience With Teaching and Learning in Cooperative Knowledge Areas [136]
    Thorsten Hampel, Reinhard Keil-Slawik
  • Goal Complexity and Knowledge Acquisition from Educational Hypertext [382]
    Angela Brunstein, Josef F. Krems
  • Asynchronous Dialogue in Education: towards an understanding of the nature of interactions [360]
    Melissa Lee Price, Andy Lapham
ID-2 Emerging Standards
  • Bringing UML to the Web --- How to Transform UML 2 models to SVG-based documents [invited]
    Marko Boger
  • An Ontology-based Knowledge Management System for the Metal Industry [620]
    Sheng-Tun Li, Huang-Chih Hsieh, I-Wei Sun
  • Accelerating Standards Adoption: A Vendor's Perspective on Contributing to Open Standards and Open Source [876]
    Luc Chamberland, Elena Litani
PN-5 Panel 5

Will XML Search and Retrieval Bridge the Gap between Databases and Full-Text Search Engines?


  • Yoelle Maarek, IBM Research Lab, Haifa
  • Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Universidad de Chile, Chile


  • Andrei Broder, IBM T.J Watson Research Center, USA
  • Oren Etzioni, University of Washington, USA
  • Ross Wilkinson, CSIRO, Australia
  • Prabhakar Raghavan, Verity, Inc. USA
14.00 - 15.30

Plenary Presentation

16.00 - 17.30 W3C-6 Semantic Web Update
  • W3C Semantic Web Activity
    Eric Miller
  • RDF Core Support and Deployment
    Brian McBride
  • Web Ontology Status
    Jim Hendler and Guus Schreiber
  • Semantic Web Advanced Development
    Ralph Swick and Dan Brickley
  • Semantic Web in the Field
    R.V. Guha
SW-3 Establishing the Semantic Web II
  • On Deep Annotation [273]
    Siegfried Handschuh, Steffen Staab, Raphael Volz
  • An Infrastructure for Searching, Reusing and Evolving Distributed Ontologies [104]
    A. Maedche, B. Motik, L. Stojanovic, R. Studer, R. Volz
PR-2 Consistency and Replication
  • Application Specific Data Replication for Edge Services [669]
    Lei Gao, Mike Dahlin, Amol Nayate, Jiandan Zheng, Arun Iyengar
  • Evaluation of Edge Caching/Offloading for Dynamic Content Delivery [264]
    Chun Yuan, Yu Chen, Zheng Zhang
  • Modeling Redirection in Geographically Diverse Server Sets [519]
    Lisa Amini, Anees Shaikh, Henning Schulzrinne
HM-2 Open Hypermedia and the Web
  • Offering Open Hypermedia Services to the WWW: a step-by-step approach for developers [531]
    Nikos Karousos, Ippokratis Pandis, Siegfried Reich, Manolis Tzagarakis
  • Xspect: Bridging Open Hypermedia and XLink [138]
    Bent G. Christensen, Frank Allan Hansen, Niels Olof Bouvin
  • The XML Web: a First Study [677]
    Laurent Mignet, Denilson Barbosa, Pierangelo Veltri
ED-3 Panel: Distributed Learing Objects
ID-3 Web Service and Mobile Applications
  • Web Services: Quo Vadis? [invited]
  • System Re-gegineering and Integration Using XML/Web Services [343]
    Dr. Michael J. Hu
  • Mobile Content Transformation using XSLT and its Evaluation [404]
    Hideharu Suzuki, Norihiro Ishikawa, Hidetoshi Ueno, Tetsuya Gotoh
PN-6 Panel 6

Global responses – Follow-up on the keynote presentations of the day


  • Bebo White, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center


  • Ben Shneiderman, University of Maryland
  • Pál Tamás, Sociology Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
PN-10 Panel 10

Web Service Choreography


  • Amit Sheth, Semagix and University of Georgia


  • Eduardo Gutentag, Sun Microsystems
  • Hugo Haas, W3C Web Services Activity Lead
  • Frank Leymann, IBM
  • Steve Ross-Talbot, Enigmatec Corporation
Friday, 23 May 2003
09.00 - 10.30

Plenary Presentation

11.00 - 12.30 W3C-7 Preparing for New Devices (Chair: Ian Jacobs)
  • Device Independence Challenges
    Stéphane Boyera
  • VoiceXML 2.0 in the W3C's Voice Interface Framework
    Dave Raggett
  • Multimodal Interaction
    Max Froumentin
SD-5 Data Mining
  • A Matrix Density Based Algorithm to Hierarchically Co-Cluster Documents and Words [704]
    Bhushan Mandhani, Krishna Kummamuru, Sachindra Joshi
  • Mining the peanut gallery: Opinion extraction and semantic classification of product reviews [451]
    Kushal Dave, Steve Lawrence, David M. Pennock
  • Mining Newsgroups Using Networks Arising From Social Behavior [688]
    Rakesh Agrawal, Sridhar Rajagopalan, Ramakrishnan Srikant, Yirong Xu
SW-4 Scaling up the Semantic Web
  • Super-Peer-Based Routing and Clustering Strategies for RDF-Based Peer-To-Peer Networks [510]
    Wolfgang Nejdl, Martin Wolpers, Wolf Siberski, Christoph Schmitz, Mario Schlosser, Ingo Brunkhorst, Alexander Löser
  • On Labeling Schemes for the Semantic Web [361]
    Vassilis Christophides, Dimitris Plexousakis, Michel Scholl, Sotirios Tourtounis
  • Piazza: Data Management Infrastructure for Semantic Web Applications [540]
    Alon Y. Halevy, Zachary G. Ives, Peter Mork, Igor Tatarinov
ED-4 Adaptation and Context
  • Integrating Adaptive Hypermedia Techniques and Open RDF-based Environments [810]
    Peter Dolog, Rita Gavriloaie, Wolfgang Nejdl, Jan Brase
  • LAOS: Layered WWW AHS Authoring Model with Algebraic Operators [301]
    Alexandra I. Cristea, Arnout de Mooij
  • A Context-Based Information Agent for Supporting Intelligent Distance Learning Environments [344]
    Mohammed A. Razek, Claude Frasson, Marc Kaltenbach
ID-4 Future Perspectives
  • Implementing a well-integrated value networks with the business protocol concept [invited]
  • Applying the Semantic Web Vision to Corporate Data Integration: A Case Study [79]
    Dr. Zvi Schreiber
  • XML Validation, FpML standardization [invited]
PN-7 Panel 7

What is the future of the Web infrastructure industry and research?


  • Michael Rabinovich, AT&T Labs – Research, USA


  • Stuart Feldman, IBM, VP Internet Technology, USA
  • Mike Dahlin, University of Texas, Austin, USA
  • Jorg Nonnenmacher, Castify Networks, VP Strategy, France
  • Venkat Padmanabhan, Microsoft Research, USA
  • Craig Wills, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA
PN-8 Panel 8

Web System Failures - Is Web Engineering a Saviour


  • San Murugesan, Southern Cross University, Australia


  • Virgilio A. F. Almeida, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • Paul Dantzig, IBM T J Watson Research Center, Hawthorne, New York
  • Athula Ginige, University of Western Sydney, Australia
  • Oscar Pastor, Valencia University of Technology, Spain
14.00 - 15.30 W3C-8 W3C's Horizontal Essentials (Chair: Janet Daly)
  • Web Accessibility
    Judy Brewer
  • XML Accessibility Guidelines, User Agent Accessibility Guidelines, Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines
    Matt May
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
    Wendy Chisholm
  • Internationalization
    Richard Ishida
  • W3C's Horizontal Activities Usage: XHTML Case Study
    Steven Pemberton
SD-6 Dynamic Services and Analysis
  • On the bursty evolution of Blogspace [477]
    Ravi Kumar, Jasmine Novak, Prabhakar Raghavan, Andrew Tomkins
  • Make it Fresh, Make it Quick --- Searching a Network of Personal Webservers [640]
    Mayank Bawa, Roberto J. Bayardo Jr., Sridhar Rajagopalan, Eugene J. Shekita
  • Engineering and Hosting Adaptive Freshness-sensitive Web Applications on Data Centers [161]
    Wen-Syan Li, Oliver Po, Wang-Pin Hsiung, K. Selcuk Candan, Divyakant Agrawal
PR-3 CDNs and Caching
  • Evaluating a New Approach to Strong Web Cache Consistency with Snapshots of Collected Content [516]
    Mikhail Mikhailov, Craig E. Wills
  • Scalable Techniques for Memory--efficient CDN Simulations [596]
    Purushottam Kulkarni, Prashant Shenoy, Weibo Gong
  • Value-Based Web Caching [657]
    Sean C. Rhea, Kevin Liang, Eric Brewer
SE-2 Protocols
  • An XPath-based Preference Language for P3P [672]
    Rakesh Agrawal, Jerry Kiernan, Ramakrishnan Srikant, Yirong Xu
  • The EigenTrust Algorithm for Reputation Management in P2P Networks [446]
    Sepandar D. Kamvar, Mario T. Schlosser, Hector Garcia-Molina
  • Similarity Measure and Instance Selection for Collaborative Filtering [362]
    Zeng Chun, Xing Chun-xiao, Zhou Li-zhu
ED-5 Data/Metadata
  • Metadata and Personalized On-Line Learning [invited]
    Matthias Jarke
  • The LEBONED Metadata Architecture [403]
    Frank Oldenettel, Michael Malachinski
  • A Data Model and its Implementation for a Language Learning System [460]
    Johann Gamper, Judith Knapp
PE-1 Applications
  • An Effective Complete-Web Recommender System [718]
    Tingshao Zhu, Russ Greiner, Gerald Haeubl
  • KAON SERVER - A Semantic Web Management System [29]
    Raphael Volz, Daniel Oberle, Steffen Staab, Boris Motik
  • Supporting Cooperative Activities with Shared Hypermedia Workspaces on the WWW [563]
    Jessica Rubart, Weigang Wang, JĂrg M. Haake
PN-9 Panel 9

Semantic Web Services


  • Benjamin Grosof, MIT, USA


  • Sheila McIlraith, University of Stanford, USA 
  • Christoph Bussler, Oracle Corp, USA
  • Abraham (Avi) Bernstein, University of Zurich, Switzerland
16.00 - 17.30 W3C-9 Public Questions and Answers (Chair: Steve Bratt)
SD-7 Web Crawling and Measurement
  • Monitoring the Dynamic Web to respond to Continuous Queries  [748]
    Sandeep Pandey, Krithi Ramamritham, Soumen Chakrabarti
  • A large-scale study of the evolution of Web pages [97]
    Dennis Fetterly, Mark Manasse, Marc Najork, Janet L. Wiener
  • Efficient URL caching for World Wide Web crawling [96]
    Andrei Z. Broder, Marc Najork, Janet L. Wiener
SW-5 Using the Semantic Web
  • The r operator. Enabling Querying for Semantic Associations on the Semantic Web [823]
    Kemafor Anyanwu, Amit Sheth
  • Semantic Search [779]
    R. Guha, Rob McCool, Eric Miller
  • Agent-based Semantic Web Services [455]
    Nicholas Gibbins, Stephen Harris, Nigel Shadbolt
BU-2 Improving the Browsing Experience
  • A framework for coordinated multi-modal browsing with multiple clients [509]
    A. Coles, E. Deliot, T. Melamed, K. Lansard
  • A Comparative Web Browser (CWB) for Browsing and Comparing Web Pages [467]
    Akiyo Nadamoto, Katsumi Tanaka
  • Comparing Link Marker Visualization Techniques -- Changes in Reading Behavior [391]
    Hartmut Obendorf, Harald Weinreich
WS-4 Performance and Efficiency
  • Web Services Oriented Data Processing and Integration [144]
    David W. Cheung, Eric Lo, Chi-Yuen Ng, Thomas Lee
  • Evaluating SOAP for High Performance Business Applications: Real-Time Trading Systems [872]
    Christopher Kohlhoff, Robert Steele
PE-2 Infrastructure
  • Efficient Cluster Representation in Similar Document Search [866]
    Shankaran Sitarama, Uma Mahadevan, Mani Abrol
  • A Database Wrapper Mechanism for Server-Side HTML-Embedded Scripting [873]
    William J. McIver, Jr. University at Albany
  • Scalability of content-aware switches for cluster-based Web information systems [740]
    Mauro Andreolini, Michele Colajanni, Marcello Nuccio

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