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DAML-S Grounding

The DAML-S Grounding transforms the abstract description of the information exchanges between the provider and the requester into messages that can be asynchronously exchanged, or through procedure call. Specifically, the DAML-S Grounding is defined as a one to one mapping from atomic processes to WSDL specifications of messages. From WSDL it inherits the definition of abstract message and binding, while the information that is used to compose the messages is extracted by the execution of the process model.

The integration of WSDL in the DAML-S specification facilitates the interaction between non-DAML-S Web Services with Web Services that rely on DAML-S to describe the workings. From a more theoretical view point, it describes the position of DAML-S within the growing Web Services infrastructure through the specification of the role is played by DAML-S and what role is played by WSDL.

Massimo Paolucci 2003-02-28